Share Your ‘I Didn’t Think This Through’ Story, Win Prizes!

Here’s a haul worth writing for!* Share your I DIDN’T THINK THIS THROUGH **TRUE** story in 50 words or less as a comment right here on this here blog post, by TODAY 1/19 @ midnight.

One lucky person will win $200 of awesome-ness: 2 tickets/early entrance for our Jan. 23 show, PLUS two tickets to THE NORTH PLAN at Portland Center Stage, The Gerding Theater at the Armory (“…nothing short of uproarious…”), AND gift certificates from our lovely sponsors Saint Cupcake and Popina Swimwear! Winner will be announced tomorrow, 1/20!

Pictured: Tanya (Kate Eastwood Norris) knows how to get  Shonda’s attention (Ashley Everage) in Jason Wells’ hilarious play (RAVE reviews from local media) The North Plan, running January 10 – February 5, 2012 at Portland Center Stage. Photo by Patrick Weishampel.

*YES – you CAN enter for a chance to win, even if you already have reservations for the 1/23 show!!



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18 responses to “Share Your ‘I Didn’t Think This Through’ Story, Win Prizes!

  1. Sophya Vidal

    Oh what did I do? I sold my belongings, and off I flew!
    Took unmeasured risks to create a “restart”, just by following my heart.
    Lucky, I gratefully find, returning was easy with friends- so kind.
    In hindsight- my soul knows it’s true! I did not think that adventure through!

  2. Graham

    I’ve been drinking heavily, this would be a great time to do more shots. Hell, it’d be an even greater idea to hit on this chick. Man, this is awesome, lets take a cab back to your place. *NEXT MORNING* Where am I? Where are my clothes and my glasses? What’s your name? Lets go get pancakes.

  3. On most decisions I’m caught in the web of Analysis Paralysis. When it comes to jobs in an eddy of red flags, I become a total leotard and leap before I look. Bad decision once shame on you, bad decision twice, shame on me. More than that? My life.

  4. Kate Simpson

    So at the tender age of nineteen, I drove 600 miles through treacherous mountain passes to meet my long distance, online lover in person. There were lots of elements I didn’t think through, but looking back, I’d like to ask Younger Kate, why didn’t you at least trim your box?

  5. Matthew Trope

    I once locked myself out of my apartment. I surveyed my second story balcony from the courtyard – open door! Couldn’t climb up, but the balcony extended just beyond the roof’s edge, ten feet below it. I crawled to the edge, swung my legs over the side. Let myself go.

  6. Rose And Rest

    once without thinking it through i had unprotected sex with a man i barely knew, got pregnant and without thinking it through decided i needed to get married and 5 years later without thinking it through i decided to get pregnant again. after much thought i got divorced.

  7. When I was 19, I packed up my bags, quit my jobs, and flew 2,000 miles from home to run away with the circus – with only $50 in my bank account, and no idea if I had a future under the big top. Apparently, hotel rooms cost more than that.

  8. it was his first trip to rome. i’d been before and thought site seeing on scooters would be fun. we planned our first destination and off we went. he missed out first turn. i speak italian. i had our phrase book and both our maps. oops.

  9. I left the airport in Shanghai at midnight with no working phone and no Mandarin. I gave the cab driver an address with a pack of Double Happiness Cigarettes. He seemed to know where to take me. When he dropped me off on an empty street in the rain with no company but a profusely vomiting business man by a nearby tree, I thought, “Uh-oh. I’m lost.”

  10. Thomas

    When I was seventeen, I got a Straight Edge tattoo.

  11. Lacy Cooper

    In the middle of Accra, a district called Pig Farm, I sat in a house with no address. I quickly learned how kind people can be and that a smile is universal. Things not thought out are what make life worth living and create stories worth repeating.

  12. Oldfaitheful

    Whilst camping I dug a shallow hole and did the deed. “These heavy rocks will do the trick!” Goddammit, I thought dogs only liked cat shit…..

  13. I overthink everything through. That’s why I really need to go to this!

  14. Sarah Moore

    In sixth grade, I hatched a brilliant scheme to win the man of my dreams. I would leave us both “anonymous” notes telling us we were meant for each other, then act surprised. I didn’t mean to write them on the back of my schoolwork. With my name on each.

  15. Nat

    decided to take a crazy amount of acid at midnight with an acquaintance. we stayed up all night watching the trees wave to us. forgot that later that morning I was driving with my now-lesbian ex-girlfriend 500 miles to my hometown to visit my parents. for Thanksgiving.

  16. Courtney

    Age 32: Dad convinces us to get in his souped-up golf cart: me and kid in back. Dad just rediscovered weed. Blazing through the woods, kid and I get dumped on our heads.
    Age 8: Dad turns too fast, golf cart falls on top of me. Blood; bones.

  17. Kate Gardner

    When I was 10 I could see perfectly but I decided I needed glasses to be taken seriously so I faked my way through my eye exam. Twenty-one years later I’ve spent thousands on glasses and contacts, can barely drive at night and still don’t get taken seriously.

  18. Sarah

    As if the unexpected breakup wasn’t bad enough, finding out he was seeing someone I considered a friend was crushing. Naturally, the only solution was to get a new haircut and a completely new color. The next day I went for it…a platinum blonde pixie cut. Not my best look.

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