“Back Fence is like a gentle lover whispering sweet nothings into the world’s hot, horny little ear. There’s nothing like it on earth—or even in the rest of Portland.”
—STEVE ALMOND, Author of Candy Freak and Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life.

BACK FENCE PDX (est. 2008)  is the kissing cousin to San Francisco’s Porchlight Storytelling Series  and pays great homage to New York’s THE MOTH, the grandaddy of live storytelling. We feel fortunate to be able to present an evening of six local and national storytellers performing their true, unmemorized 8 to 12-minute stories based on the month’s theme to packed audiences at the Mission Theater. The vast majority of the stories have not been told publicly prior to their Back Fence PDX telling—sometimes they haven’t even been told to significant others prior to the event.


 B. FRAYN MASTERS is the Senior Producer and a co-host of Back Fence PDX. She also produces and performs in Entertainment for People—an alternative variety show featuring comedy, music, film, weird stuff,  sketch, mayhem, and raucous readings. Samplers of her writing can be found in MonkeyBicycle 6, HobartSPORK andMountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists. She writes the cell phones games for the TWILIGHT movie series, and is an animation scriptwriter. She is a professional copywriter, producer, and stage/film director. Nothing is more riveting than listening to the dirty details and human flaws that are abundant in true stories.

Contact B. Frayn: frayn [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.  @bfraynmastered@E4People

 SARAH GRACE MCCANDLESS is a Producer and co-host of Back Fence PDX. She is the author of two fiction novels, Grosse Pointe Girl: Tales From a Suburban Adolescence and The Girl I Wanted to Be, both published by Simon & Schuster. She has published short fiction and essays in several anthologies, including Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves (St. Martin’s), and also participated as a regional producer for Mortified Live. She has over a decade of professional marketing and copywriting experience, including working with Dark Horse Comics and Animal Planet. She is the proud dog mom of Nancy Drew. She is afraid of cottage cheese.
Contact Sarah Grace: sarahgrace [at] backfencepdx [dot] com. @SarahDisgrace


 NATHALIE WEINSTEIN is one of Back Fence PDX’s invaluable assistants. By day, she is an editor at arts and entertainment events website PDX Pipeline. At Back Fence PDX, she welcomes the best audience in Portland, helps to run front of house, passes out cupcakes, and spreads the storytelling gospel.

Contact Nathalie Weinstein: nat [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.


MEAGAN KATE is one of Back Fence PDX’s smarty-pants assistants. She is a full-time writer with a Masters degree she will never use, in a totally unrelated field.  Another title she holds dear is Associate Producer of Entertainment for People, alongside boss-lady B. Frayn. She can also be found on various Portland stages as a comedian and actress. Her time is also spent teaching theatre at PHAME Academy, an arts academy for adults with developmental disabilities. As a Back Fence PDX Assistant, her duties include shaking hands and giving lingering hugs to Back Fence followers, and convincing complete strangers that they should get on stage for the Lightning Round. She loves you.

Contact Meagan Kate: meagankate [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.


MELISSA LION was the co-host and co-producer from the inception of Back Fence PDX in April of 2008-September of 2011. Before social media, she wrote books. Now she spends her days as a happy marketer and public relations account exec plying her trade using social media. She’s a mom whose family always amazes her with the amount of mud and dirt and leaves they track into her house. She thinks Back Fence PDX is the greatest thing to happen to Portland since posh hamburgers.

We post videos of our storytellers online .


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