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Free Tix For Next Back Fence Available SOON!!

HOLD THE PHONE! Tickets for our Jan. 23, 2012 show — I DIDN’T THINK THIS THROUGH — will become available online on Tuesday Jan. 3 at 10am. This show is FREE due to a generous community grant received by Portland Center Stage. Don’t miss the kick-off of our 2012 season, featuring Laurie Notaro, Mary Van Note (pictured), Carli Davidson, and other awesome people!

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Travel Back to SEPT/2011 ‘Mistakes Were Made’

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Fave Radio Host DARIA Tells of Her Teen Past!

DARIA ELIUK spins her personal stories on 101.5 THE BUZZ on a near daily basis. It was awesome to have her LIVE on the Back Fence stage telling her ‘That’s a Mouthful’ story! You can purchase a CD from CD Baby of Daria telling more stories, “THE BEST OF DARIA’S LOCAL ENTERTAINMENT GUIDES VOLUME I” (JUST CLICK HERE!). All net proceeds from the purchase of this CD go to benefit DOVE LEWIS, Portland’s only nonprofit 24-hour emergency and critical care animal hospital.  

And, we love a foxy and smart lady who is willing to divulge details such as the following for her introduction on stage: “I saved all my chicken pox scabs in a baby food jar.” 

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An Audience with the University Emperor. Fiona McCann in Japan.

SPOILER ALERT… if you have not heard FIONA MCCANN’S amazing and profound story of an Irish girl teaching English in Japan, you may want to hold off on reading  the postscript below until after you’ve watched the video!

As a postscript to my tale of mouthfuls and an empty stomach, I’d like to add that I have fully recovered from the eating disorder I described in this story.  I hit rock bottom with an almighty crash in Japan, but thanks to the energies of some wonderful people – my irrepressibly chirpy landlady Mrs Sekiguchi made it her mission to feed me and would not be deterred by what she called my Karen Carpentry – and to some survival instinct that kicked in when I was almost licked, I made it. I returned to Ireland after that year a little closer to a normal weight, and once I was back in a country where I could at least follow a conversation, I went to meetings and tried some therapy. But mostly I read. I read whatever I could find about eating disorders, got my feminism on, chose angry over hungry and found the fight to beat the thing once and for all. Oh, and I learned to spell anorexia. You know, in case it ever came up in a crossword.

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Hold onto Your Chips. Amber Jo Tells a Stunner.

AMBER JO told a riveting and hilarious STORY during THE NOVEMBER 17th, ‘That’s a Mouthful’ show. Where it all began: At the age of 10, I worked very hard to earn $50 spending money for my class’s field trip to Kings Island amusement park. I entered the gates and was immediately obsessed with the idea of winning a gigantic, stuffed, Scooby Doo doll. Determined, I stood and tossed rings at 50 cents a pop until my entire $50 was spent. Having no money for food or drink, I had to tell my teacher, Mr. Maynard who was quick to shame  me. I didn’t win the doll, but I did manage to escape from my teacher and make-out with a 12 year old in the dark, haunted boat ride. SCORE! The gambler in me remained dormant for 19 years until that fateful day my co-worker asked me to join that damn charity poker tournament. 

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The McLendon Sisters kill you with their Funny

The last show’s theme was ‘That’s a Mouthful’ and so it seemed only fitting to have two people, with feisty and different points of view, telling the same story. And why not have those people be two sisters who are charming, hilarious,  say gross things, and are easy on the eyes?

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Planned Parenthood storytelling show loaded with Back Fence alums!

We are always thrilled when a storytelling event that is also raising money for benefit comes along. We love it even more if some good friends of Back Fence are on the bill! On December 14th, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon will present “Naughty Listed: Stories of Holiday Misbehavior” at The Bagdad Theater.

Performers will tell stories of awkward interactions during the most wonderful time of the year. From terrible sexual encounters, to family drama and try turkeys, everyone will walk away realizing how normal their loved ones actually are. All benefits go to the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, helping Oregon remain a pro-choice state.

We are also crazy excited that former Back Fence storyteller Jimmy Radosta is the organizer of the event, and a few other talented alums are among the storytellers. This includes Meagan Kate, one of our long-time Back Fence Assistants, but you have to promise not to tell her Mom — and lovely Live Wire host, Courtenay Hameister.

The show is hosted by local podcast masters Cort & Fatboy (former storyteller), who will lead you through the evening of stories by:

• Ron Funches, standup comic (recently featured on Conan)
• Courtenay Hameister, host of Live Wire!
• auGi, writer/performer of SexyNurd
• Meagan Kate, writer, comic, actress, your BFF
• Kim Stegeman aka Rocket Mean, Rose City Roller girl
• Enrique E. Andrade, stage actor and the Spanish voice of MAX
• Gabe Dinger, standup comic
• Nicole Sangsuree, singer/songwriter

So grab some friends, and enjoy an evening of laughs while giving to a great cause!

What: Naughty Listed: Stories of Holiday Misbehavior
When: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 (doors 6pm, show 7-9pm)
Where: Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland
Tickets: $20 from or at the Bagdad box office

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