Costumes and Juice and Friday’s Sold Out Show!

All right everyone, Friday’s Eastland Academy and auGi show is completely sold out. I mean completely. Not even significant others or best friends or moms can get in without an advance ticket. So, if you have a comp advance ticket to Friday’s show and you’re willing to trade it for a Saturday comp ticket, drop me an email: melissa [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.

And…if you want a comp to Saturday’s show, go here, enter the date 10/31 and code: secret. There are a handful of free tickets for you so hurry! If you miss out on the freebies, there are plenty of tickets for sale too.

We are so pleased to announce that Columbia Gorge Organic is donating juice to go with our New Deal Vodka! I think it’s going to be a bunch of different flavors so you’ll have to come and check out new cocktail combos.

Finally, do you know what you’re dressing up as for Halloween? You know if you come dressed up to the 10/31 Eastland Academy/ auGi show, you’ll be entered to win a locket from Locket2You. I have two of their lockets and they’re so adorable.

Do you have your costume all picked out? If not, here are some great recommendations:

Kiala’s Heartless Doll Suggestions

Some Suggestions for Your Dog (Please don’t bring your dog to the show, dogs can’t win a locket. Or drink vodka.)

You could go as the Internet, like the Merc did this week

(And yes, Eastland Academy is in My What a Busy Week!)

Or, American Apparel has a costume shop. Seems to be their regular catalog, but with smiling models.


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  1. Super-excited to watch Eastland Academy do their stuff.

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