Back Fence PDX is Today!

Tonight at 7:30pm at Urban Grind East (2214 NE Oregon St) six storytellers will tell six minute long, true, unmemorized stories. RSVP here. Details are in the sidebar.

Check the video below for a wonderful example of the power of the live story. We asked Nate (@xolotl for Twitter-ites) of to tell a story totally spontaneously. And he did.

Live storytelling — the original social network.

Join us.



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3 responses to “Back Fence PDX is Today!

  1. Nate, your “raised by wolves” bio makes perfect sense to me now. =)

  2. True that storytelling is the og social network! looking forward to sharing & listening to stories tonight. I Also LOVE Story Corps. Check it at:

  3. I agree with @mediachick, it does make so much sense now. I was not the least bit surprised to learn about the hippy commune.

    The almost lost story of your daughter changing her favorite color though – wow! Great story. Real intelligence and pragmatic reasoning. I could detect a glaring proud daddy in your eyes too! Awesome!

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