Summer Love’s Event

Check out a few videos we shot at the June 19th event. We have fancier, professional video coming from the fabulous Brian Belefant, but here’s all the Flip Camera’s memory could hold. Videos of all the storytellers coming soon. We’ll announce them when it’s out. Enjoy!

At the intermission, we asked an audience member to come up and tell a story completely spontaneously. How Jordi managed to make us all laugh and then cry in six minutes is remarkable. Proves that we all have amazing stories.

Kiala Kazebee, Portland blogger and film critic goes to the zoo.

Actor and writer, Eric Reid tells the story about being thirteen at the movie theater with a GIRL.

More videos and a podcast coming soon!

Check out Back Fence PDX’s Twitter feed — @backfencepdx.



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5 responses to “Summer Love’s Event

  1. Awesome!!! All of you were awesome!!!

  2. One of the most fun nights I’ve had in awhile. All the storytellers were delightfully warm, charasmatic, funny, and honest. Thanks for bringing the buzz the art of storytelling. Looking forward to attending the next backfencepdx event. Yeah to Jordie for telling the Olivia Newton John story on the fly. I’ll admit–I teared up. Funny and sweet and so right on.

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  4. i enjoyed and related with kiala’s story very much.

    substitute “len bias” for sweet valley high, “marriage” with living with stoners, and “swimming” with seeing fannypack @ dante’s and it’s pretty much the story of MY life.

  5. This is fun. I like this. All of it.

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